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“Working with Khira and K Brands is something I will always do for my business. When I took Khira IG class I was wowed!! It’s funny because after I took the IG class we both knew I would return to work with her because there was more in me. I did not second guess on working with Khira/K Brands team because they’re GOLDEN! at what they do and take so much pride in business! K Brands will take your vision and understand exactly what you’re looking for and turn it into something beyond AMAZING!!! So, far I am EXCITED! how this rebrand is turning out!”

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Royalty Coaching helps women of faith say “yes” to themselves and re-define their royalty through self-love coaching and relationship guidance.



Branding, course design, lead generator (Energy Healing Audio Episode), and social media design + development by K Brands, photography by Tye Visuals in Houston, TX.

WIX website hosting.

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