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Like yesterday (2019), I was standing in the kitchen of a family I was babysitting for in Columbus, Ohio attempting to find a brand designer for my lipstick company.


After years of learning graphic design and stepping out into the digital world, I've had the pleasure of modernizing brands for small business professionals, artisans, and creatives all of the world.

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How to Launch an e-Biz under $100 Dollars

Hello, hello! So, I don’t want to add any fluff to this post because I know you’re here to launch your online business. The digital world is filled with excitement, sales, and networks you could only dream of. However, launching a business before you get to that stage can be tough and expensive! This post is all about launching your business for under $100 dollars which includes building your website too!

Before I dive into everything you’ll need there are three things that you should know…

+ I am not affiliated with any of these companies or brands that I mention, I simply love them and use them for myself and my clients.

+ Some businesses listed are subscription based only, however their subscriptions are still less than $100 dollars per month and paired with other services you will still spend less than $100 dollars per month.

+ There’s no legal advice given here…I am not even covering registering with your state because I solely want you to get acclimated with building your online business.

Okay boss, let’s get started on the good stuff. Launching your online business. At this point in your business you should have a name and a base product or service. Read along for how you can launch your business today for less than $1-hunnid or one blue C-note…you get it, less than one hundred dollars:

Google – G Suite for Business, $12 dollars per month*

I use Google for all of my email accounts. You can launch your business with an email address that reads, however, that isn’t the most formal email. If you’re wanting a brand that is professional yet non-expensive Google is going to be your go-to provider. You’ll be able to choose a branded email address such as which makes your brand professional.

+ Another perk of using G Suite is you gain access to a ton of products including Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Hangouts, and Google Voice (free business phone number), and so much more!

Go Daddy – Domain Host – $21.98 dollars per year*

Go Daddy is an online domain provider. You can purchase a domain beginning at $1.99 based on a number of factors. Enter your domain into their search engine and if it’s available grab it! Now, protect your online identity because you don’t want anyone hijacking your domain or privacy so be sure to go ahead and add on the protection and secure your personal identity as well.

+ Please remember to make sure your domain is relevant for your business you’re launching. If you’re selling e-books only maybe your business name is “eBooks by Khira”, so your domain should match such as Now, if you’re selling a variety of products then choose an appropriate domain that’s cohesive with your business such as, this leaves no room for assumption or confusion.

Square – Payment Processor, Free

You’re launching your business to make money, so in order to make money you’re going to want to have a platform where you can collect and monitor your revenue. Square is a free payment processing platform in the sense there aren’t any monthly subscription charges for the basic platform.However, each payment is subtracted a processing fee and any upgrades are subject to a monthly subscription price. Not only can you collect payments with Square but if you’re choosing to do subscriptions, deposits, payment plans, etc this is the easiest platform to use on desktop and mobile with modern functions.

+ Let’s address the elephant in the room as you may be thinking, “Why not PayPal or Stripe?” In my personal experience in using PayPal they oftentimes side with the buyers during disputes, and depending on how much money you begin to bring in they may hold your payments until you and your customer confirms the receipt. As Stripe goes, your first set of payments are held for 7 business days, and once that hold is lifted your payouts may come 2-3 days later…I’ve never experienced this personally with Square.

Quickbooks – Accounting and Revenue Tracking, $25 Dollars Per Month

Tracking your revenue and understanding basic accounting within your business is going to be an important habit to get into. Quickbooks is useful as it breaks down your sales, profit/loss, and so much more by days, months, weeks, and even years; including time frames as well with intuitive reports. Quickooks integrates with many website and payment hosts.

+ Using Quickbooks is perfect for those business owners that file their taxes using Turbo Tax as Intuit owns both software providers. This means it’s easier to transmit data between the platforms and file your taxes!

WIX – Website Design and Host, $28 Dollars per month

I must admit that I am a bit biased when it comes to website hosts and platforms as I mainly design using Wix, however, the feedback I’ve gained as far as usability has been nothing less than incredible. Wix is an affordable platform for business owners as they offer pre-made templates that can be updated and customized to your preference. Launch your e-Commerce, blog, or service based business with Wix with their easy to use dashboard, and drag and drop website builder.

You’re total to launch your business is currently $96.98 dollars per month! 🙌🏽 I can honestly say this investment is minor compared to where you’re going to be as you begin to accumulate success!

I am super excited for you to launch your online business and I truly hope this information has helped you! Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions related to brand styling and marketing by emailing me at!

Chow for now!


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