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The brand identity

The fingerprint & brand identity for small business owners who are ready to stand out & dominate in overcrowded marketplaces.

The service result

A custom brand strategy and logo suite to create brand recognition and loyalty that is both modern and sustainable. 

Best fit for

Small Business Owners that are ready to establish a cohesive and modern brand identity.

Bespoke logo that speaks to who you serve and who you are, as a brand.

Legal Consultation

01 /

Documented Brand Guidelines

06 /

Logo Suite Design

05 /

Font Hierarchy & Typography

04 /

Mood & Color Palette

03 /

Brand Strategy Development

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The Deliverables:


You deserve a brand as unique as you are.

Complete the application below to begin the process today:

Brand Identity Application

How did you discover the K Brands Studio?
How long have you been operating your business?
Projected Start Date
As soon as possible!
Within the next 30 days
I'm weighing my options right now.
Are you mentally and financially prepared to invest $3,700 in full or an initial deposit of $1,850 followed by one additional payment of $1,850?

Keep reading if you’ve ever had questions before making the leap to invest in your brand and you need the answers like right now.

Commonly asked questions

  • Once you've completed onboarding, the overall process from start to launch generally takes 4-5 weeks. It is our goal to adhere to the proposed timeline that is outlined in your welcome letter. Accomodations are made upon request.

  • Brand photography is not included in our Brand Identity package however if you would like to add brand photos you can request this add-on during your proposal call. Please note that photography must be requested during the proposal call and will not be an option to be added once we begin your brand identity development.

  • A legal consultation is provided by a third party partner of ours, Ross and Owens Ross Law to ensure your business name is available for trademarking and copyrighting prior to us designing your brand identity.


    This saves everyone time and legal woes down the line. Dawn Ross will clear your brand name during the legal consultation for trademarks and copyrights. Once your logo has been completed, we will review with Dawn at that time for final clearance.

  • During your proposal call you will have the opportunity to request to pay in full or in two installments (deposit followed by one additional payment). This ensures your payments are aligned with your projected timeline. Please note your logo files and brand guidelines will not be released until all payments are made.

xoxo, Khira

Your lead designer + strategist

You’re probably asking yourself, “why should I choose K Brands Studio?”

As a studio, we truly value collaboration and friendship which means that we prioritize your experience over collecting another invoice

With each client our goal is to provide transparent processes where your feedback is heard and implemented when possible. Our overall focus will be dedicated to developing a brand around your ideas and goals so that we can effectively design launch a brand that speaks volumes on its own and make its mark in the world.

Design highly influential brands for small business owners that leave a forever legacy

Our Mission


Working with Khira is exactly what I needed to rebrand my business. She was attentive to my business needs and helped me define the goals and purpose of my business.

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