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The brand Renaissance

The rebirth your brand needs to show up, stand out, and transform the world as we know it.

The service result

Rebirth of your brand and product strategy supported by a custom brand identity, visuals, and a modernized website so you can expertly grow your business six-figures and beyond.

Best fit for

Established small business owners seeking to overhaul their existing brand into a modern powerhouse.

You’ve been the expert  of your industry, now it’s officially time to brand your influence within the digital world. 

Font Hierarchy & Typography

05 /

Legal Consultation

01 /

Custom Logo Suite Design

06 /

Mood & Color Palette

04 /

Product Branding

03 /

Brand Strategy Development

02 /

07 /

Brand Photography

08 /

Custom Website Design

09 /

Documented Strategy + Guidelines

The Deliverables:


In a market full of businesses that attempt to do what you do, you deserve to stand out with a brand rebirth that’s designed for influence & growth.

Brand Renaissance Application

How did you discover the K Brands Studio?
How long have you been operating your business?
Which of the providers below currently host your website?
Your website is hosted by WIX, Shopify, or ShowIt. If not, you're okay with switching to one of these platforms.
Yes, I'm willing to switch!
No, I am not willing to switch!
Which assets are you interested in? Select all that interest you.
Projected Start Date
As soon as possible!
Within the next 30 days
I'm weighing my options right now.
Are you mentally and financially prepared to invest $8,000 in full or an initial deposit of $2,000 followed by three (3) additional payment of $2,000?

Keep reading if you’ve ever had questions before making the leap to invest in your brand and you need the answers like right now.

Commonly asked questions

  • If you’re generating enough revenue in your first year of business to comfortably afford the multiple four-figure monthly investment, we invite you to apply for the Brand Renaissance. This is NOT the package for you if you’re struggling to generate sales or you’re in need of marketing strategy and direction.

  • Yes! As long as you have a website or desire to own a website you’re a good fit to apply for the Brand Renaissance. We will ensure that your store production and fulfillment is coordinated with your website.

  • We can review the photos that you have to determine if they fit the re-brand, however the brand photoshoot is included and mandatory with the package to ensure all aspects of the brand are cohesive.

  • During your proposal call you will have the opportunity to request to pay in full or in four installments (deposit followed by three additional payments). This ensures your payments are aligned with your projected timeline. Please note your logo files and brand guidelines along with the publishing of your website will not be released until all payments are made.

  • Although we prefer to work with Small Businesses where the primary decisions and operations are led by women, we are comfortable working with men too!

Design highly influential brands for small business owners that leave a forever legacy

Our Mission


xoxo, Khira

Your lead designer + strategist

You’re probably asking yourself, “why should I choose K Brands Studio?”

As a studio, we truly value collaboration and friendship which means that we prioritize your experience over collecting another invoice

With each client our goal is to provide transparent processes where your feedback is heard and implemented when possible. Our overall focus will be dedicated to developing a brand around your ideas and goals so that we can effectively design launch a brand that speaks volumes on its own and make its mark in the world.

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