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Brand Strategy Consulting

 1:1 custom solution for small business owners seeking to modernize  your brand strategy or visuals in a day.

The Truth Is

Our Brand Strategy Consulting Capsule isn’t for every business owner…and that’s on purpose

If you’re clear on where you’re taking your business or what you offer then this will be a match made in heaven and we’re ready to consult with you today.

Our capsule was designed to address one area of your brand or visual strategy that needs to be modernized, if you need a full strategy then this service wouldn’t give you the best bang for your buck. 

Unlike other Brand Strategy Consulting Firms or Creative Brand Consultants, we won’t take weeks to revise your brand so you can get back to marketing your business with the  clarity and visuals you need to connect with your audience and actually grow or scale your business.

Post-Consultation Support


Recorded Zoom Session

02 /

01 /

Documented Brand Strategy

Implementation Guide

04 /

The Deliverables:

Keep reading if you’ve ever had questions before making the leap to invest in your brand and you need the answers like right now.

Commonly asked questions

  • Single sessions are best if you’re needing one area of your strategy modernized. If you’re seeking a full brand strategy then the full development retainer would be best for you.

  • You may only transfer into one of our full branding packages if you’ve invested in the full strategy development retainer and have made the decision to establish your full brand identity.

  • You may reschedule your consultation to a date and time that works for you if the original time doesn’t work, however due to the nature of this service all sales are final.

  • It’s totally fine if you don’t have a brand strategy! Since this is a consultation only we will focus on one of the areas of your brand to develop a strategy or name for your brand.

Provides great customer service, very detailed with the process. Work is amazing and prompt. Thank you for your services, I’ll be back! 

— V. Gonzales

I absolutely love working with K Brands Ltd. They are results driven and determined to deliver quality service. Definitely would recommend their service.

— K. Caldwell

1:1 Zoom Consultation ($600 value)

Documented brand strategy ($1800 value)

Implementation Guide ($97 value)

3-Day Support ($1800 value)

Brand Tracker ($97 value)

to Consult & Modernize Your Brand Strategy

Investment breakdown

One-time payment of $250 dollars (which equals to what you’ll spend on one Iced White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks for the next 30 days)

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